Coin-Op by David Drasdo

David Drasdo is primarily a street photographer with an aim to capture images of everyday life in public spaces. He is forever on the hunt for the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in the mundane. The lure of the launderette was considerable.  A subject that is human and relatable, with more than a touch of nostalgia. A launderette can be a contradictory place. They can be warm and welcoming, yet tired and faded. For Drasdo, they are places where people gather against a visually stimulating backdrop of symmetrical machines with shapes and forms in retro colours and reflective chrome.

With its stimulating, inspiring and sometimes funny images, Coin-Op will engage a broad audience, from professional or amateur photographers, those with a taste for nostalgia and retro styling or those interested in the issues concerning contemporary British life. 

The exhibition includes 6 foamed text panels, 36 or more photographic prints if space allows and object labels.

View a selection of photographs from the exhibition

Hire Fees:

£700 for 8 week loan period

£70 per week for additional weeks